IAGG e-TRIGGER – Saturday 13 August, 2022
Start time: 8.00am (Paris/Geneva/Berlin) TO BE VERIFIED


08.00 a.m Paris, Berlin
01.00 p.m Bangkok
02.00 p.m Beijing, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Taipei
03.00 p.m Tokyo, Seoul
04.00 p.m. in Canberra (time zone: UTC+10)
0 min Introduction of the session and expert

Prof Hidenori Arai (Obu)

2 min

Development and Application of Robotic Technology

Prof Izumi Kondo (Obu)

22 min Case report

Hiroshi Yoshino (Toyoake)

42 min Discussion

Sung-Hua Tseng (Taipei)

52 min Short synthesis

Prof Hidenori Arai (Obu)

60 min Introduction of the topic and expert

Prof Jean-Pierre Michel (Geneva)

62 min

Intelligence-Based Precision Healthy Aging

Liang Kung Chen (Taipei)

82 min Case report

Yu-Chun Wang (Kaohsiung)

92 min Discussion

Hiroshi Yoshino

112 min Short synthesis

Prof Jean-Pierre Michel (Geneva)

120 min Introduction of the topic and expert

Prof Hidenori Arai (Obu)

122 min

Gerontechnology in the Care of Older People

Prof Yeh-Liang Hsu (Taoyuan)

142 min Case report

Sung-Hua Tseng (Taipei)

152 min Discussion

Yu-Chun Wang (Kaohsiung)

172 min Short synthesis

Prof Hidenori Arai (Obu)


Online evaluation of the session by attendees and participants

Online control of knowledge to demonstrate the higher order thinking skills of the trainees.



  1. Be aware of the precise the definition of a fall
  2. Grasp the epidemiology of falls in your region
  3. Perfectly inventory all possible causes of falls
  4. Be aware of the main in-home locations of falls?
  5. Identify clinically the old adults with the highest risk of falling
  6. Be attentive at the age-related sensory impairments involved in fall mechanisms
  7. Know and be attentive of medications provoking frequently falls in the old adults
  8. Inventory the multiple consequences of falls
  9. Understand the benefits of a close collaboration between Geriatricians and Orthopaedists