Trainees experiences

I actually got more confidence in pursuing my career in Geriatrics having known that there are also plenty of geriatric advocates in Asia and other parts of the world. I learned a lot especially from the knowledge imparted by the guest lecturers.

It has been a great learning experience for me. You get an opportunity to interact directly with global renown experts in geriatric medicine. The best part about it was the case studies, followed by case discussion in which you can clear all of your doubts and directly incorporate into your clinical practice.

Dr. Sunit Mathur from India

I am very grateful for all the faculties, scholars and everyone who shared the knowledge during this year. It meant a lot for me, to keep updated and implement all the knowledge here in my daily practice in Indonesia. In this year, the case discussion and the group discussion form the all years, from all countries, I learn a lot how geriatric program or geriatric services is conducted in other countries. I am very happy for that.

Dr. Anastasia Asylia from Indonesia

I am lucky to participate in the IAGG Sessions. I have learnt a lot from scholars and speakers. Sometimes, I shared my experience from the session with local colleagues and my patients. Thank you teachers and whole team to arrange excellent sessions for us.

Dr. Yili Ma from China

It was an honor for me to participate to the IAGGeTRIGGER program all the year 2023, and I am grateful to all the teachers and fellows for their excellent lessons and instructive clinical cases.

I was happy to present a case about infectious diseases too, and to participate to the team works of the Japanese team about CGA and about dementia, a good opportunity to deepen and summarize my knowledge on these subjects, and to learn about power point presentations.

I think that this program is very useful, because it is very practical, with up-to-date information that we can soon apply in our daily practice, from top-level teachers. On the other hand, the many references allowed us to broaden our point of view, and the online materials helped me to understand more basic and fundamental points.

It gave me also the unique opportunity to listen to many colleagues in other countries, and to hear about other practices, or sometimes to realize that the practices and problems we face are the same, without countries borders regarding the care of older persons.

The setting was also very friendly. It was easy to use the chat, and the availability of slides and videos on the internet site allowed us to study and to answer the tests and surveys according to our individual time schedule.

Dr. Isabelle Miyazawa from Japan